'From the cradle to the grave'Our business vision is to provide
You and your family, with all the needs to successfully live
as an Expat within your community in Spain.

Our motto: From the cradle to the grave


Our target audience is the ‘expat community’ mostly the English, Scandinavians and various European Nationalities, and they are mostly those who are of mature age, who look to migrate to Spain; or purchase second homes for long vacation stays. The final group are younger people looking to build a business and start a new life in Spain.


We are committed to delivering bespoke solutions unique to you and your family needs as they occur whether you are in business or fully retired. Our committed goal is to constantly exceed your expectations. The composition of our services is designed for you to have the benefit of a one stop lifelong relationship with our company for all your needs without the need to engage multiple advisors etc Hence our internal motto ‘from the cradle to the grave’.


Our ‘one stop’ philosophy is deliberately aligned to our 10 core bespoke services to cover most, if not all your needs, thus allowing you not hire multi- levels of specialists to cater for your individual needs. With cyber-crime now a constant in our lives – the less you divulge private information the safer you are. Importantly, your costs are also multiplied.


Our Mission critical behaviours – these are serious of elements which allow us to be considered ‘your first choice’ when looking to engage with an organisation to fulfil your needs.

The Elements explained below are the core of our unique strength to deliver your required solutions:

  • The founder and principalYvonne Vidal has dedicated her life to acquiring the specific skills over a period of 41 years within the industry and experience working in the United Kingdom, USA and Spain – and claims she is still learning today!
  • Knowledge has a direct relationship to influencing desired outcomes and during those 41 years of dedicated service Yvonne has gained unprecedented specialist industry knowledge to fulfil client expectations.
  • Yvonne was born and educated in England, whilst coming from a traditional Spanish background and is completely bilingual and lives in her Andalusian community.
  • 41 years of dedicated client management has taught Yvonne that providing the highest levels of trustworthiness and impeccable ethics are the foundation for any relationship to succeed.
  • A key component of the business is our Strategic Partnership Specialists Network – these include, Banking, Legal, Accounting, Law Enforcement, Local Government, and Real Estate. These Strategic Network Partners are leaders in their specific industry and thus allow Yvonne and her company to offer a complete & comprehensive range of services.
  • Underpinning the industry knowledge and the Strategic Partners etc is Yvonne’s interpersonal skills- she is compassionate, caring, attentive, and a good listener. Allied to those attributes is her dedication, determination, and discipline to secure the desired solution(s) The Testimonials’ confirm her interpersonal approach’s and her engagement style. Many remark that Yvonne will never give in no matter how difficult the challenge presented to secure the best outcome for her clients.


Our engagement model, whilst fully comprehensive, is equally fully transparent. We follow a model of best practice behaviours both in the running of the business and the client engagement activity.

We are all accountable for our professional conduct to our non-executive Chairman. Internal business reviews are conducted on a regular basis to ensure we deliver best practice professional conduct.

Meet The Team

Paul Hyne. Non-Executive Chairman | My Legal PA Associates

Non-executive Chairman

Yvonne Vidal. Founder & Principal | My Legal PA Associates

Founder & Principal

Miguel Angel Peral. Lawyer & Property Administrator | My Legal PA Associates

Lawyer & Property Administrator

Elena Cabello. Senior Tax, Accounting & Labour Consultant | My Legal PA Associates

Senior Tax / Accounting / Labour Consultant

Francisco Ruiz. Private Investigator | My Legal PA Associates

Private Investigator / Detective / Judicial Calligraphy Expert

Heidi Gubbins, Interior Designer - My Legal PA Associates

Interior Designer

Aiga Vaitkus, Royal Key Design - My Legal PA Associates

Interior designer, Project developer & curator

Aiga Vaitkus, Royal Key Design - My Legal PA Associates

Vision, Strategy & Project development

My Legal PA Associates collaborator: José Morito | Arquitecto técnico
My Legal PA Associates collaborator: ICA Málaga
My Legal PA Associates collaborator: Colegio Oficial de Gestores Administrativos de Málaga
My Legal PA Associates collaborator: APDPE
My Legal PA Associates collaborator: Inforperi
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