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If you are an Ex-Pat or a UK based property investor in Spain and your Spanish investments are not your primary residence for you or your family, this might be of your interest:

We have a new crime epidemic in Spain that is both sophisticated and cleverly organised involving residential properties that are owned by overseas investors and which are not occupied.

Essentially organised crime syndicates and lone criminal entrepreneurs are targeting the occupancy of vacant or unoccupied residences. Allowing them personally to live in the property or secure new sub-letting tenants which they install in your property to make considerable sums of money. This is becoming a big problem in the areas where overseas investors purchase holiday homes or investment properties. This illegal practice is extremely popular with the Latino Americano communities using a girlfriend or wife from a Bolshevik or Germanic country.

The strategy is very clever – the illegal occupant methodically re-educates all the service providers and statutory authorities that they are either the new owners or the long-term resident tenant.

They slowly and cleverly change all the registrations etc and place those services in their own names, including producing fake tenancy agreements in some cases. Also, These people are confident and use the false claims to defend any challenges made as to their permission to live in the property.


As a local specialist consultancy company in this field We advise you to do the following:

My Legal PA Associates deploys two winning strategies:

  1. We first notify all the appropriate authorities of the criminal activity and provide proof of your actual ownership to validate your ownership(s). This process we do very quickly so all official authorities can see the consolidation of proof.
  2. We then employ tactical initiatives to prevent (person/criminal) from building further false identities in relation to their false ownership of your property.

As you can see on this website we also have a very senior ex-detective officer who will support your needs and is one our Strategic Network Partners together we build a fast-moving strategy to re-secure your ownership. Our service is all in-house as you will see we have lawyers and accountants who are also specialist skilled in supporting your investment.

Yvonne Vidal (Founder & Principal) is from a Spanish/ English family and resides in Marbella/Puerto Banus and She is very integrated and acknowledges by all the appropriate authorities in support of the Ex-Pat communities. We cover all areas on the Costa del Sol, Marbella, Puerto Banus, Estepona, Benahavis, and Mijas.

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